Aims and Objectives CCEPI

The aims and objectives of the organization are:

  1. To help in providing humanitarian assistance, care, and basic support to victims of conflict, people living with HIV/AIDS and destitute families.
  1. Improved quality of life for Vulnerable People in Nigeria
  2. To promote proper quality service delivery, care and support to Vulnerable people
  1. To seek and facilitate healing, reconciliation and the reconstruction of affected families and communities.
  2. To enlighten people on effects of poverty, corruption, conflict, violence, and advocate for dialogue and peaceful co-existence among Christians and Muslims.
  3. To encourage Girl Child education, orphans, school dropout and out-of-school youth who could not go back to school due to conflicts, HIV/AIDS, poverty and drug addictions victims through facilitation of scholarship, aiming at helping them to discover and manipulate their talents, worthiness, in order to be self-supporting, social and economic  sustainability.
  4. To provide legal representation in appropriate cases like women and child abuse and similar human rights abuse for vulnerable people. And to work towards social transformation and advancement of people’s rights.
  5. To create a forum through grass-root activities of local communities and individuals where issues of poverty, illiteracy, gender related violence and other social ills which have hindered development of people should be discussed collectively and acted upon.
  6. To create awareness and sensitize the public about the devastating effects of HIV/AIDS, violent conflicts and poverty.
  7. To involve in conflict intervention through trauma healing, empowerment of victims through providing urgent basic needs.
  8. To heal, restore, rehabilitate and empower the drug addicted youth so that they will have self worth and acquire skills that will help them to engage in gainful means of live hood and be able to contribute to the development of themselves and their communities. 
  9. To co-ordinate and co-operate peace initiatives programs for the grassroots Christian and Muslim People in order to promote greater willingness to act for peace and justice non violently.
  10. To make suggestions to the government including religious and community leaders to be sensitive and careful in handling issues which will trigger conflict and to encourage dialogue between Christians and Muslims in order to combat violent conflict signals.
  11. To promote, stimulate, provide and make awareness and writing papers on contemporary social issues in order to distribute to the less privilege. CCEPI identified vital social issues and challenges faced by Nigerian societies includes; poverty, violent conflict, HIV/AIDS Pandemic, Drug additions etc. Thus, we will distribute written research materials on the above issues at subsidized or free of charges as the conditions may warrant.
  12. To work and network with organizations and individuals who share the similar vision, especially those who are working towards the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG).  Also to organize and participate in workshops or seminars and collaborate with key stakeholders in achieving sustainable human development.
  13. Finally, to raise funds for revolving sustainability, and to accept gifts, donations and grants and to raise fund for sponsoring its programs. By the grace of God with the funds CCEPI proposed to achieve creative and viable solution to economic and social challenges through empowerment, advocating for minority Human Rights and awakening program.


Values of CCEPI

  1. To facilitate proper identification, documentation and monitoring of the vulnerable people.
  2. To help in fostering the development and protection of vulnerable people.
  3. CCEPI serves individuals and communities regardless of their religion.
  4. Working together in love and unity for the realization of our aims and objectives in order to fight against human rights abuses and help people in desperate situations.
  5. Keeping to honesty, accountability and integrity and other moral and ethical values are vital in our organization.
  6. Training and education as basis for ensuring continuous improvement in knowledge, skills and attitude.
  7. Networking and liaising with similar organizations to seek or provide support.

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Centre for Caring, Empowerment and Peace Initiatives (CCEPI) - Advocate for the Voiceless

Michika, Adamawa State North-East, Nigeria

Office location and address: No. 2 behind Assembly of God Church, Anguwan Cashew, Michika LGA
Branch Office: Baraza Shop Opposite EYN Headquaters

  • +(234)08027319948
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Dr. Rebecca Samuel Dali, PhD, Executive Director

Our Success Story

One impressive success recorded during one of our project was the initiative by some community volunteers and carers’ forum members of EYN Church, Gulak of Madagali local government area of Adamawa state. They saw the need to take the care and support for OVC beyond support from donor especially foreign donor and so they organized fund raising programme on 12th June 2012 within the church for OVC programme.