History of CCEPI

On Empowerment: Because of her experiences she learned a lot of handcrafts skills, farming and other trade which help her to sponsor herself to Teacher Training College. She attended a lot of workshops in 1989 which built her capacity especially the workshop of Christian Rural and Urban Development Association in Nigeria (CRUDAN) in Jos. After the workshop she organized poverty stricken women into groups of 10 members and step down the teachings. The members made tie and dye, batik and knit; they sold the products and made a lot of money which elevated their poverty level. This support group influenced the forming of CCEPI.

When she left Mubi to Bukuru for her Bachelors of Divinity Degree in 1993. As a student, she organized others women and taught them a lot of handicraft during her leisure time. From 1994-1996 she formed a group of Sudanese Women of which some were refugees, while some were students wives. She taught them a lot of skills and connected them with Kalebasse shop in Basel Switzerland. They bought the Sudanese women’s shirts, bed sheets and necklaces in dollars with high prices which was 5 times higher than selling price in Nigeria.

In 1996 she became a member producer in Nigerian Alternative Trade Network, which is an association of small-scale producer groups in Nigeria that wish to export their products to Alternative Trade Organizations in Europe and North America directly not through middle men. In 2001 with the sponsorship from the office of the British Common Wealth in England, she represented the producers in Global Conference on Fair Trade in Arusha, Tanzania where she met with many buyers from all over the world.

On Conflicts: During the 2001 Jos Crises the founder was trapped and camped in one of the police barrack. When the fight intensified they run to army barrack, as she went through with other women, she saw many dead bodies, some people blown apart, crushed, burned and stabbed Some women have lost their limbs or eyes. Immediately after the crises she visited some women whose houses were burnt and their husbands and male children were murdered with four of her friends. They took some food, water, blankets, etc and gave them, but the needs were numerous.

On Peace Initiatives: The founder and her friend who is also one of the trustee of CCEPI coordinated meetings and teaching on the importance of living in peace. They co-operated 50 Christians and 38 Muslims in crises prone areas in Jos, Shedam, Yelwa, Bukuru where Christains and Muslim fought each other. It was very hard to heal the trauma seeing the oppose religion as enemies. Later the women saw each other as co-suffering humans and they saw the need to stop their husbands and youth to stop violent and live in peace.

The idea and vision of forming CCEPI as NGO was through Lausanne Movement. The founder was motivated during 2010 Lausanne Congress in Cape Town, South Africa. There are ten members of the board of trustees: Dr. Rebecca Samuel Dali PhD, Prof. Paul Sambo Amaza PhD, Prof. Umar Habila Dadem Danfulani PhD, Rev. Dr. Samuel Dante Dali PhD, Rev. Luka Vandi, Dr. Juliana M. Mafwil, mni, PhD, Mr. Daniel Dawi Dibal, Rev. Emmanuel Mancha, Rev. Nyampa T. Kwabe and Barr. Hassan Musa Dlakwa.

Recently, CCEPI is distributing Humanitarian relief material to Victims of Boko Haram. These people suffered from the hands of Boko Haram. We distributed relief to 7,000 people and among them and data collected from survivors in Maiduguri Borno State, Yobe State and Adamawa States more than 3,000 people have been killed, 476 people abducted including the Chibox girls. Three hundred and Seventy Six (376) Chibox girls were abducted according to parents on our meeting with them on 5th and 7th May, 2014. On 18 April, 2014 they abducted Rev. Bitrus Yahi EYN and five others including three women. On 9th May 2014 they abducted the wife of Pastor John Adamu Rifkatu who is pregnant with her three children Talatu 11, Naomi 8 and Yakubu 3 years respectively. They burnt more than 8,500 houses, displaced more than 30,000. Gwoza Local Government is among the most affected over 20,000 fled to Cameroon base on eye witness report. The Boko Haram blocked more than 100,000 people they took over their lands, and over 40 villages Amuda, Atagara, Chinene, Ashigashiya, Ngoshe, Gavva, to mention but a few. Many were killed and in some places Nigerian flag was replaced with the Boko Haram flag. Some villagers have to claim terrain and follow through Cameroun before they will come to Nigeria.

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Centre for Caring, Empowerment and Peace Initiatives (CCEPI) - Advocate for the Voiceless

Michika, Adamawa State North-East, Nigeria

Office location and address: No. 2 behind Assembly of God Church, Anguwan Cashew, Michika LGA
Branch Office: Baraza Shop Opposite EYN Headquaters

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  • Dr. Rebecca Samuel Dali, PhD, Executive Director

Our Success Story

One impressive success recorded during one of our project was the initiative by some community volunteers and carers’ forum members of EYN Church, Gulak of Madagali local government area of Adamawa state. They saw the need to take the care and support for OVC beyond support from donor especially foreign donor and so they organized fund raising programme on 12th June 2012 within the church for OVC programme.